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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ramblings of a "fall" woman

Mom told me (on several occasions) that the older you get the faster time flies by. At first I poo poo’d the statement. As a child the days lasted for weeks. Special days seemed so far away. As a young mother my days were busy but time moved relatively slow. The girls got older and busier and the days were shorter. I am now in the “fall” days, well into my 50’s and time is speeding by so quickly I can’t get a handle on them. In a few days we will have crossed into the second half of 2010. Didn’t we celebrate the New Year a few days ago?

Mom told me even in the “winter” of her life the days flew by until she had to leave her beloved Weeping Water. Her days were full until she moved. Even then she made new friends and days were still pretty full. It was in the last few years of her life that time slowed down again. She told me she would sit in that tiny apartment all by herself for days and time seemed to go on forever.

I see myself age and I am surprised. I look down at my hands and see skin that has seen 54 summers. It is no longer soft and young looking. My eyes need more and more help to read small print. And printers keep using smaller and small fonts on the pages. I don’t think as quickly as I used to. I used to be able to crack a joke at will. Now I have to think about a “smart” answer … and by that time everyone else has forgotten what we were talking about (yes we ARE all in the same boat).

My “fall” years are still good. My bones are aching more and I need more sleep than I did a few years ago. I did decide a few months ago that I need to start taking better care of myself. I joined weight watchers with a friend and I joined a gym. I am taking more time for me. I need to learn to take more time and take care of myself so I will be alive and full of energy to the grandkids.

With that ……. I think I need to get off of my bottom for a while.