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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A few thoughts on the first day of November

Living in the middle of nowhere I see some strange things on my commute to and from the city evey day.  This summer I caught something out of the corner of my eye and slowed down to see a huge moose in someones field.  It turned out to be a 7 or 8 foot life sized target with quite a few arrows sticking out of it.  At first it looked like an elephant to me … but it was in the first rays of sunlight that I saw it. 

Last night driving home I saw a guy throwing old wood into what was obviously going to be a bonfire.  The only surprising thing was there were two recliners sitting in front of the fire.  I thought it would have been fun to come back last night and join the party. 

Driving home is always fun in the fall.  I am always anxious to see how many crops the farmers have harvested, or where a farmer has moved his cows.  I am even happy to see chickens from the house up the road running around on the road looking for food.  Our chickens must be so well fed they never venture down as far as the road. 

I know that many of my co-workers and other casual acquaintances think I am a bit strange … OK maybe more than a bit.  I guess I can’t blame them when they look in my SUV and see the back stuffed with straw bales.  I know that my local HY-Vee store clearances their straw on Halloween day, I so plan to go there over lunch every day for the week and pick up a load.  When my co-workers pass my car …they just can’t help but look and wonder …….

We have spent most of 2016 with our house in total disarray remodeling the common rooms.  It has been a long and difficult process.  I haven’t been able to make soap or do any of the project I enjoy until a few weeks ago.  Now I am scrambling to catch up and get soaps made for Christmas baskets etc.   I have a few people who have inquired about purchasing for gift giving.  Unless I can get some things on the drying rack I will never be able to supply these people with goodies.  My goal has always been to build a cottage industry to help make money if/when I am able to retire. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

 I miss writing and sharing my life.  Why don't I do more of it?  I'm not totally sure except I waste to much time on facebook and watching TV.  I think it would be good for me to unplug for a while.  No TV and no Facebook.
I started my 8 day vacation today.  We had planned to go to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore but decided not to at the last minute.  We are staying home to get ready for winter. 
Today I was able to sleep in until 7 AM.  That is 2 hours later than I normally sleep.  We had a good morning returning things from our remodel project to Home Depot and Menards, then lunch out (Yummm.. whitefish for me).  Phil naps every afternoon, so while he was sleeping today I did laundry then went out to the garden to start to put it to bed.  I have so much to do, but I got a good bit of it done.  I am pulling out plants and getting it ready to plant a cover crop to protect the soil over winter.  Tomorrow I will be butchering all of the “baby” roosters that we hatched out this spring.  I am always amazed that we normally have well over 50% of the chickens we hatch are roosters!!!!  We normally butcher them earlier but Phil didn’t want to hatch as early as we normally do so we are butchering really late this year.  I prefer to hatch our new chickens in March or April so they have lots of time to “grow out” during the warm months.  Butchering when it is cold is no fun (not that butchering is fun in any weather).  I hope them temps warm up to at least 50 degrees while I am butchering.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

God's time

After we bought Pooh Acres I spent a week cleaning and painting.  I took a weeks vacation and would come over here before sunrise and start to work.  One day I was standing on the kitchen counter cleaning an upper cabinet, singing at the top of my lungs.  I was sure I was all alone so it didn't matter how loud I was singing.  Then I heard a knock at the door and startled to realize I was not alone.  
The people at the door were our neighbors who embraced us with open arms and over the years became very good friends.  We have not been terribly social, meaning we don't go to each others house to play cards or anything.  We do meet outside and chat.  We share garden produce, we look out for each other when we are away from home.  I love coming home and hearing "Hi Neighbor" as I pull in the driveway.  
Ralph retired shortly after we moved here.  Colleen hasn't worked in years.  They have been amazing with their grand kids, The kids lived with them for several years.  
Last fall Ralph told us he had cancer and has about 6 months to live.  Yesterday he last his battle and passed on to the next life.  We have been feeling so empty and sad. Today we happened to run into Colleen and were able to talk with her for a while.  As empty and sad as we feel, I can't imagine being her.