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Saturday, February 9, 2013

February ramblings

Today is butchering day for the rabbits.  I have learned to deal with butchering chickens, but the rabbits are rally difficult for me.  It’s hard to “get over” their cuteness.  It is even more difficult for Phil because he is much more tender hearted than I am, and he is with them daily.  Thankfully I have done most of the butchering so he doesn’t have to deal with it as much.  It is hard to take the life of such a sweet innocent animal. 

I am still dealing with my foot problems.  The wound from the cellulites has for the most part healed but the foot pain is still there.  It is difficult to walk at times, making me feel quite old and helpless.  I am concerned about this years gardens.  I hope that I will be able to keep up with my work this coming season. 

I am getting a bit of spring fever.  I have already planted peppers and today I plan to plant broccoli, Brussels sprouts etc.  It’s fun to watch the plants pop up and grow.  I started sweet potatoes a while back.  I started saving seeds last year.  My hope is that next year I will no longer have to buy any seeds at all!