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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chickens and Olivia

I wish I could share the sound and the sights of my chickens as they come to visit. Caelum and I were putting in some fence to keep the chickens out of the garden today. He pooped out on me I was left alone to put the fence up. The chickens came to visit me one by one. They would walk close to me and talk for a minute then walk away. It seemed they were trying to tell me something …. If only I could understand chicken.

All the kids came out last night and we had a pretend birthday for Olivia. Her birthday is Thursday but she will be with her family, so this was our time with her. We made little pizzas. I love doing this with the kids. I put all the “fixings” in bowls and let the kids make what they want. Last night we used some mini bagels as the base with homemade pizza sauce. They were very creative. Olivia made a face with her pizza. Ruby really liked the Canadian bacon, and Caelum and Grandpa loved it all. After the pizzas we opened her present and enjoyed the cake and ice cream. She had a wonderful birthday.

Ruby and Olivia marched in the Veterans Day parade today in Bellevue. They were so excited. Delana bought lots of candy to throw out to the crowds. We didn’t go to the parade but I wish we would have.

So ……. Today was a working day. We got a lot of stuff done. Caelum and I got the gardens put to bed. He got to drive the tractor …. AND chase the chickens. We worked well together and had lots of time to talk. It is so nice to hang with Caelum and just talk. He opened up to me about lots of things in his life, and what he is feeling ….. it was a wonderful day,

I am off to bed. Such a long day

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