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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chicken talk

It’s been quite a while since I have blogged. It’s not that I have been to busy, I think I just had nothing to write about. Our life out here is pretty quiet. I go to work and then come home. Phil doesn’t get out very often at all. I am happy with this kind of life. Phil complains about the chickens and how much work they are, but I think he likes them too. They are all getting so big, they need to go outside to the run but the weather is not cooperating. It is still pretty cold. I can’t wait to get them outside and let them get some fresh air. I’m sure they are looking forward to that as well.
It is funny to watch them mature. Most of the meat chickens (if not all) are roosters. They are chest bumping each other and starting to tussle around. When we come to feed them they rush the door trying to get the first piece of food. One jumped out last weekend and we chased it for a while. Phil told me that 8 of them jumped out this morning … and he had no one to help him. Apparently he managed to catch them all and get them settled in again.
The ducks got a new home a couple of days ago. The rooster we were keeping to butcher found a new home. Phil’s buddy wanted him, so the cage in the barn was now free for new animals. These poor ducks are so much bigger than the chicks, but apparently the chicks pick on them and pull their feathers out. Phil is hoping the ducks will be pets rather than livestock. I personally hope that at least one of them is a female. Duck eggs are great! If two were female and one a male that would be perfect. I’d love to have some little ducks following her around.
I have been doing very well selling eggs. Last Monday I had 8 dozen eggs and no customers in sight. I posted them on a local food web site and I took some to work. The last two weeks have been crazy. Phil and I have not had any eggs at home because so many people want them. I sure hope that keeps up. I took some of the honey from last year to work with me as well. I was sold out in 2 days! Now I have people anxiously awaiting my garden. I hope I am able to grow enough to have what we need plus sell to these people. I have been trying to find a way to make Pooh acres pay for itself. Maybe I am on the way.

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