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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lazy Saturday

When I was single I used to have “veg out” days. Today was cold and icky outside so Phil and I decided to have a veg out day. We didn’t get out of our jammies all day. I went outside this morning to feed and water the chickens and let them out. This evening we both went out to put them to bed. For the rest of the day we played on the computer and did what we wanted. I did manage to clean my office, something I had put off far to long!

Now that winter is here (burrrr, I hate to even say that word) our lives have slowed way down. My garden has long ago been put to bed. There is not much I can do outside. I have started watching TV in the evenings. I need to STOP that. It is much to easy to come home and plop myself in a chair. I need to get into the habit of going downstairs and work out or just work down there. When I cleaned the office today I found the tools I purchased to “fold” fabric to make braided rugs. I have a tote full of fabric I got several years ago to make the rugs, now I just need to do it. I also have several totes full of denim for quilts or rugs. I am excited to get started on these projects …. I’ve wanted to for such a long time!

I need to burn almost 40 hours of PTO before the end of the year or I lose it. It is difficult for a sales person to be away from work and still make any money. I have discovered taking ½ day off is great. I can still go to the gym before work. I get done what I need to get done at work and I still have ½ day at home. Yesterday I didn’t tell Phil I was taking off and just came home early. Poor guy was napping and didn’t even hear me drive up Ineither did the "guard" dogs)! Chuck (one of my co-workers) and I have decided that is a great way to do what we need, and still take advantage of the PTO. I will need to do the ½ day thing through March to burn off another 40 hours before the 80 hour max goes into full rule! I never thought I would have a problem using all my vacation time.

As a salesperson I am always trying to find ways of making my customers think of me as a friend, or at least someone they would want to refer others to. For the last 18 months or so I have been sending all of my new customers a jar of homemade jelly. Yesterday I needed to replenish my supply so made two batches of jelly. Last summer I was at Fairway and found this big bag of plums for 99 cents. I was able to eat all the plums I wanted (my favorite fruit) for several days, share some with my boss and still had enough left over to make several quarts of juice to use for jelly this winter. The plum jelly was the best jelly I have ever made. Phil and I have been tasting it all day!

Our chickens have gone on strike since the cold hit. I knew they would slow down, but I never thought it would get this bad. We have 36 laying hens. One day we got only one egg. Several days it was 3 or 2. It seems they are getting a bit better. The last few days we have gotten 5 or 6 each day. I have enough customers wanting eggs I could sell everything they could lay. It’s great when people at work stop me as ask if they can get some eggs. I am so excited to do the meat chickens this spring. (Can you tell I really love living out here?)

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