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Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember all the beautiful trees from a week ago ......... well this is what is all looks like now. Delana and the kids came out to show off their halloween costumes and Caelum decided that the leaves were just to much fun not to play. He convinced me to come help him rake them up ......... He is so good at the Tom Sawyer tricks (painting the wall is so much fun .... you are going to LOVE it).

Maggie and Mollie like paying in the leaves as much as the kids do

Poor Olivia had leaf dust in her eyes

Caelum posed for this photo, and said the caption should be "There is nothing sweeter than a boy and his dog".
Under all that red hair is Olivia. Maggie is almost as big as Olivia now!

Can you see Caelum? He really is under all those leaves

The next day I went out to gather the leaves for the garden. I raked and moved all of these, then raked another couple of spots and pulled them to the bottom garden as well. It is wonderful. I have about 6" of leaves on one part of the garden. The soil is just going to love me next spring.

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