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Sunday, November 15, 2009

So are the days of our lives

Olivia turned 5 this week. Schedules often dont mesh, so we were not able to see her on her actual birthday. Delana said she would come out Saturday afternoon to visit and I said I would make a cake. I have been feeling very lonely for mom so asked Delana if she thought Olivia would like a Barbie doll cake like Mom used to make for her with the sticky sweet seven minute frosting. Delana thought that would be a great idea .......... I could not find an angel food cake pan in my house ............ wonder if I got rid of it when we moved? wonder if it is just in a box somewhere and I will find it in a week or two. So, I did the next best thing and went to Hyvee and bought an angel food cake. Saturday morning I got the Barbie doll out of her box and put her next to the cake. Oh man, the cake only came to her knees. I decided to try to sit her down on the plate with the cake around her ...... the cake was to high for that, and what in the world was I going to do with her feet sicking out????

Phil and I had to go into Omaha to the rental house for some maintaince ... that didn't work out so we went to Wal Mart and got some turkeys! We picked up another angel food cake while we were in Omaha (after hitting an estate sale and getting some much needed shelving). I put the two cakes together and they were STILL well below Barbie's middle where the skirt should start. WHY oh why didn't I watch Mom a little closer. I finally decided to put Barbie into a paper cup and frost the cup into the cake. The frosting was definantly not Mom's 7 minute frosting, but it was good! I managed to tint the frosting purple, one of Olivia's favorite colors.

The results were not perfect, but Olivia loved it and that is ALL that matters.

We had a wonderful afternoon. After the cake (yep, I forgot the ice cream!!) the kids and I went outside to play. They helped me dig hoseraidish then dug for treasure. Olivia found a gold rock. They played in leaves and hay and the girls rolled down the hill. That is something they never seem to tire of.

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