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Sunday, November 8, 2009

This has been quite a week.

It feels like this week has been about a month long. Last Saturday Phil was tired, and just didn't feel well. Sunday his face was red and swollen. He would not go to the doctor but said he would go Monday after work. Monday he was just not able to stay at work for his entire shift, so left as soon as a replacement could come in and went to the emergency room. I am so glad he did because he had a skin infection, caused by a Strep of Staff infection that came into his body via a scratch or scrape of some kind (We get scraped up constantly out here!). The name is erysipelas (I still can't get it into my head how to say it). Phil called me from the hospital and told me he had been admitted. I of course told my boss I had to go, and got there as quickly as possible.
When I walked into his room (it was the same wing of the hospital that Dad spent so much time in over the last 8 years of his life) I didn't recognize the man laying in the bed. His face was beet red and swollen to twice the normal size. He spent the next 4 days in bed being pumped full of antibiotics via an IV, also taking them in pill form. He was pretty miserable! Wednesday evening he started coming around and smiled at me .... Thursday morning he joked with me on the telephone.
It wasn't until yesterday when we were talking he finally told me that the doctor said it was a good thing he came in when he did. I of course asked him why, he said if he had waited much longer his organs would have started to shut down and the swelling could make his throat close up.............. Isn't it frightening how fragile our bodies are?
On an good note. Tuesday I was talking with my boss and in a somewhat joking question asked him if I was going to loose my job over a contract that I thought I was going to loose plus the possible sale of the company. He called me into his office a little later and told me how proud he is of the work I do and told me that he had put in the paperwork for a promotion previously and had just heard an affirmation on it. Along with the promotion comes a 10% pay increase and I still keep the great commission plan I have. I was totally amazed. God is certainly watching over us in so many ways!

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