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Friday, May 21, 2010

digging for buried treasure

When I was a little girl my dad encouraged us believe that you can find treasure if you just look hard enough.  In fact he would regularly search in the basement of the farm house my older sisters and I were raised in.  It was a old house, built stone by stone by an old German guy for his family.  Dad was convinced if he looked hard enough he would be rewarded with a huge treasure.  Apparently he dug up the entire dirt floor of the basement piece by piece over the years we lived there.  He even pulled looser stones out of the walls thinking there was something hidden there.  When we moved to "town" his quest didn't stop there.  He was sure that his father had hidden money at the family farm (in his defense Grandpa and Grandpa did hide and bury money in crazy places).  I remember him searching in the basement, barns, chicken coop, everywhere.  I don't think he ever found anything. 
Phil came up with a brilliant idea recently.  I love arbors and arches.  He said we were going to bend a cattle panel and anchor it with fence posts so I could grow climbing crops on it, and they would fall down into the arch.  We did one the other night and it looks great.  Phil said we would do another one this evening.  We took everything down to the garden and got the first post into the ground.  We started putting the second post in and it would not go.  We both tried pounding and nothing happened.  I suggested it might be buried treasure and we should try to dig it up.  Phil, being patient and as usual letting me do as I please started digging.  We had no idea what we were after.  It was hard, and seemed to cover an area at least 3 feet square and down about 8 or 10 inches.  Then we found something else .... this thing was round.  It seemed to be 18 - 24" around.  Phil thought it might be a barrel (it was about the right size).  What in the world had we stumbled across? 
The next shovel, he was able to pry it up a little ........ and found a tire.  1/2 of it was rotted away.  Crud ....... well we still dont' know what the other thing is.  I reached in and pulled at it.  It seemed to be a tarp like thing.  Then we found part of a blanket.  Oh man ....... WHAT have we found.  I know I have watched way to many mystery shows so I had horrible visions of what might be wrapped up in that tarp.  What we found was just a nasty old tarp.  We have no idea why it was there ...... or how long it was there.  Thankfully it is out of my garden now. 
I still believe in buried treasure.  Most of my treasures are potatoes, carrots, worms crawling through my garden and watching God work daily in my gardens.  Treasure is in the eye of the beholder.  I thank Dad for giving me the ability to search for treasure.  I thank both Dad and Mom for giving me the knowledge to be able to grow such wonderful fruits and vegetables. 
Isn't it fun to live in such a wonderful, fun world?

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