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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grandma got run over ........... by Grandpa

We bought an outbuilding and decided to use it as our new chicken coop.  Then we found another building that will work better for the chicken coop, so we need to move the first one.  We decided we had to get it done this weekend since the new coop will be here on Wednesday.  We jacked up the shed and put it on "skids" trying to move it.  We spend the entire day moving this shed, and didn't get it where we wanted to, but at least it is moved enough to get the new shed where we want it.  During the process of moving, stopped, putting the boards in, repeat repeat repeat I was guiding Phil so he could back in and hook up to the shed.  I am not certain what happened, but he hit the gas and backed up REALLY FAST toward me.  Horrible thoughts flashed through my head about this guy I heard about who was squished to death between to train cars.  I thought that was going to be me (except I would have been squished between the truck and a shed.  I think Phil was almost as frightened as I was.  (He said he could never have faced the grandkids!!)
I didn't get to go to garage sales today ....... living out here we tend to give up a lot of the weekend fun stuff ... I had wanted to go into Bellevue because Delana's neighborhood is having sales.  We popped over there last evening to see the kids, and we were able to prevue their garage sale.  The kids were selling cookies and lemonaid so Grandpa and I bought some of the cookies giving the kids a head start on their money making day.  Caelum even had a sales pitch planned out for his customers.  I am excited to find out how the sale went.  I hope they made a ton of money!
Our kittens are growing so quickly.  Clyde is such a good mommie.  I was amazed today to realize they really are getting bigger.  Our neighbors were over this evening and they also have kittens, there were born a few days before ours were.  Hopefully I will be able to find homes for all of them.  It seems the stray tom is the dad of both litters.
In February my boss at work was promoted to a new position.  I wasn't sure what I would think of our new boss.  I had met him a few years earlier when he first came to work at Info and I was training him in what our department does.  I am happy to report that I do like my new boss.  He is very down to earth and we both have the same values/goals etc.  He is a hunter.  Thankfully he is a hunter with values, so no road hunting for turkey, no killing frogs and turtles to watch the die.  He hunts only for what he eats.  We have become friends, I have brought him some of the things I have made or grown.  His son loves the things I send home with him and last weekend when he shot a turkey asked his dad if he could give it to me.  What a great kid!  I was so amazed that he would do that for me.  We ate it tonight.  Yummm, it was good.  I am now making broth to can tomorrow.  Dale has promised me more meat if we want it.  How cool that he is able to hunt for almost all the meat his family eats!
Off to bed for me.  It has been a long day.

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