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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's spring babies

Clyde is almost a year old.  We intended to take her to the vet and get her spayed, I guess we didn't realize how old she was, and she got pregnant before we could get her to the vet.  (Knuckles got to the doctor in time).   Before we knew it she was pregnant ... and we were to late.  The doctor said he could still spay her and abort the babies ... but I didn't want to do that.  So today was THE day.  When I left for work Knuckles was jumping up at the front window but I didn't think anything about it ..... she does weird stuff all the time.  When I left for work I asked Phil to give the yolks from my hard boiled eggs to Clyde because I thought she needed some extra calories and protein due to being SO pregnant.  When he went out to give her the yolks he found a baby!  Clyde gave birth in the "cat house" we put on the front porch last fall to keep them warm and dry.  It is a very small dog house with a "flap" over the front to keep the wind out.  We filled it with straw to keep them warm over the winter.  Apparently she likes it since that was the birthing place.  He picked up the house and moved it into the garage .... she didn't seem to mind.  She stayed tight and gave birth to two more babies. I was sure she would have more than 3 .... I was betting on 6. 
I got home around 5 PM ... and Clyde was safe and snug in her garage bed.  She is being a very good Mom and taking care of her babies.  She let me pick them all up, but watched me very carefully!

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