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Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Phil

Phils birthday is today.  He is 55 today ..... Whew I am happy that I am younger than him again. 
He is still so excited for birthdays.  Every time I talked to him on the phone he was singing "Happy birthday to me"  He has been asking for a carrot cake for quite a while so I tried to fool him into believing a forgot the cake .... he didn't even notice! 
Delana, Rick and the kids came for dinner.  The kids were so excited to give Grandpa his presents.  When we FINALLY finished eating and the cake came out they went crazy!  Open mine, NO open mine first  No me!!  He worked him way through the amazing gifts silly puddy, a duck bill whistle, slappy hands, slimy sludge, silly string, small cars and toy guns.  Any kids dream!  He got a great party hat, and noise makers.   Caelum made him a wonderful card (Caelum, Ruby and Olivia are wonderful card makers!) 
We all had a very nice evening.  It was nice to have Rick and Delana out here.  I wish the weather would have been nicer .... the kids really wanted to run and play outside.  As Caelum says .... April showers bring May flowers...............

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