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Monday, April 26, 2010

Quirks??? Me? I don't think so

We all have our Quirks and things that bug us. Apparently one of mine is thistles. When we first moved out here 3 years ago I found tons of thistles growing in the neighbors field, and HORROR or all horrors on our property. I started spraying and chopping them out in the summer of 2007. In fact one of my “smile” memories is of my sister Betty and I walking around talking and spraying all the darn thistles. Over the past two summers I have put the grandkids to work for me. They walk over the yard to look for thistles and when they find one will yell for me to come get it. It has become a game for us. They want to be big enough to get them too, so this year we cut off an old broken hoe to fit the girls and they will be able to chop at them too.

Friday evening as the kids were leaving I spotted a huge thistle behind Molly’s house close to the back door! I was horrified to see this monster thistle living so close to the door I walk in and out of at least 15 times a day. Phil laughed and said he wondered how long it was going to take me to see it (it was hidden by the dog house and a tree). I wanted to get it out of there right then, but Phil said it was to late, just wait until morning. Saturday morning everything was still wet from the storm of the night before. I had let the dogs out to potty and spotted my trusty hoe leaned against the cupboard on the back deck so I snuck outside to kill the wretched thistle. Phil caught me by looking out the dining room window. He was inside laughing so hard, and said he was surprised I didn’t get up in the middle of the night to kill it.

This weekend was rainy and nasty outside. Saturday we spent running around getting chores done (I found 7 morale mushrooms during one of those chores) and the day was gone when we finally got home. Yesterday morning it was cold out but I really needed to get outside. In the drizzle I walked all over the property and chopped thistles. Whew, that felt good. It is always no nice to have a job well done. I sure wish Betty would come back and help me eradicate these dumb things!

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