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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poor Mable

Mable is a very shaggy Scottish terrier. She needs to be groomed much more often than I do. She was beginning to look like a wooly mammoth; all we needed was to find some tusks for her. She also likes to roll in the dirt, or the manure piles, so often she is quite smelly! Sunday after Phil said it was time to quit working for the day I decided she had to get a haircut. I was dirty anyway so what harm was a bit of dog hair going to do to me. I lugged her up on the picnic table and brought out the dog sheers. Her fur is so thick it looked like I was sheering a sheep. I try to keep her Scotty face, but the rest gets shaved to the skin. Phil came over to help hold her down for me (she doesn’t like getting her legs and tummy trimmed). I had to go in to get scissors and while I was gone Phil took over the rest of the cut. Our poor Mable has no more beard or eyebrows. I am sure she is much cooler and feels better …… but she looks like a huge rat! Molly smelled and smelled her just to make she it was still her friend. Even the cats didn’t know who she was. Mable would not even look at me for the longest time. I think she is getting used to the new style now.

A few weeks ago when Olivia was visiting decided she wanted to be a dog. I thought I would share these pictures of her living in Molly’s house.

Spring is finally here.  We are working in the gardens.  The manure is being put down, the compost chopped up and ready for the seeds to be planted.  I have only planted a few things, but it is time to get onion and potatoes in the ground.  Phil is very excited to have fresh vegies on the horizon again. 
Phil will be leaving for California tomorrow morning.  His father passed away last week and his funeral is Thursday.  It will be a very long day for him traveling.  I am glad he will be able to see his brother, and have the opportunity to say good by to his father. 

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