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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Honey harvest

I have put off harvesting honey long enough!  I knew that I had to get it taken care of this weekend, so when I came home from work yesterday I dressed in my stylish bee clothing complete with hat and veil as well as my elbow length gloves.  The bees really don't like it much when I take their honey away from them. In fact they were pretty darn upset with me.  I am thankful I have protective equipment, if I didn't I would probably be in a lot of trouble. 
We left all the frames outside until dark .... letting the bees go back to their home.  Thankfully we had to deal with very few bees.  We shooed some of them home a few we caught in a jar until morning then sent them home. 
We actually harvested this afternoon.  I was excited to use the new electric extractor.  I thought it would make the harvest a lot faster ..... I am not convinced that it did.  I think that Phil was  able to harvest about as fast (with the hand crank) as we were with the electric.
We were sticky but happy to have the honey in a bucket. 
I don't know how much honey we have yet ..... but it is wonderful

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