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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming 2001 Glenwood, IA

I took off work yesterday to take part in the homecoming activities in Glenwood. We had read in the paper over the last few years what a big deal it is in this area, and wanted to experience it for ourselves.

The morning started by sleeping in until 7 AM (I LOVE IT). Then we were off to the Firehouse for a pancake breakfast. Phil carefully looked around to see where he wanted to sit. He looks for someone who may have good stories to tell, maybe someone one a little older that may need to talk. We sat next to Debbie. She told us she was 60 (something, I can’t remember) and has lived in Glenwood all of her life. She has one child and one grandchild. She didn’t say, but I think she was a widow. We learned so much local history from her. The courthouse we think is so beautiful is considered the “new” courthouse build in the 1950’s. They tore down the old courthouse which according to her was much better than this new one. The new one got termites in it and had to have them eradicated which left the floors leaning. I enjoyed our breakfast, but must admit my ears were kind on tired.

The parade was at 1:30. We got there around noon to scope out a good place to sit and found a lovely corner under the shade and sat next to a couple about our age both in motor chairs. They both had MS. I didn’t talk to them much because we were all in a line and it is difficult to hear from that distance. Phil and Mike chatted for quite a while. A few minutes before the parade was scheduled to start I saw the street filled with big boys all in black football shirts walking up the middle of the street. They stopped in front of us and set up their chairs right in the middle of the street. DRATS, they are all so big I could not see a thing. We finally pulled our chairs up next to them, and Phil told the guys standing to move over because we can’t see through them. The parade was fun. All the lower classes (starting with kindergarten) made floats and competed for the best float. The kids were all so excited!

In the evening we went to the Methodist church for a soup supper. Phil had chili and I had white chili (Yummm, it was fantastic). We sat next to two ladies in their 80’s. The woman next to me told me she has been living on her farm for 50 years. He husband passed away 20 years ago but she loves her home and wants to stay there. The only problem is she started getting dizzy spells three years ago and they took her drivers license away. She has two children who help her out a lot. Her daughter just retired this year. The other woman was much quieter (or perhaps could not hear the conversation well enough to say much) but she has been living in her house 55 years. She still drives but neither of them was getting around to well. I was mesmerized with both of them. I loved hearing their stories, and once I put my hand over the precious woman next to me, and I was taken back to the summer Mom died. This woman’s hand felt like Mom’s. It looked like Mom’s. I wanted to touch her again, but didn’t want to appear weird! We had a very nice hour with two lovely ladies that blessed my life just meeting them.

On to the football game. Glenwood has a much larger population than Weeping Water and Louisville. The athletic field is huge and much nicer than I am used to. The bleachers are huge and set very high. We chose to sit on the front row so it would be easier for Phil to get out if he needed to. MISTAKE. For the first ½ of the game I could not see one play because people would stand in front of us, or stop to talk and block the view. During the ½ time performance we decided to see if we could find someplace better to sit. We found on each side of the bleachers were more bleachers about the size of the ones in WW and Louisville. Those were packed too! We found a place to stand in front of the bleachers (they are about 4 ½ feet high on the first round so we were not blocking anyone’s view) and behind the fence. This was a much better place to see. The score at ½ time 31 – 6 Glenwood. I was amazed because I had heard they were not a good team this year. The second half of the game went downhill and then score was 31 -22 but they still won. The memorable moment of the game was when two people painted black streaked across the field. I could not honestly tell you if they were guys or girls, you could not see anything except black. They ran across the visitors’ side of the field. I haven’t heard of streakers in years! One other thing I noticed was the size of the team and the cheerleaders. I think there were more football players then we had in my entire graduating class. There were not only about 20 cheerleaders, but a dance team. The marching band had three students on ladders conducting the band. They were all dressed in beautiful uniforms and looked fantastic.

We left a few minutes before the game was over and drove across the road to the city park to watch the fireworks. I was amazed to see what a wonderful fireworks performance they had. This was a good as any display at the Rosenblatt! One thing I did note was the air quality. In July the air is light and the smoke dissipates quickly. In October the air is heavy and full of moisture. The smoke really hung in the air for a very long time.

It was a very fun day. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful mid American place.

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