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Saturday, September 25, 2010

more stuff in my head

When I was a little girl I remember having chickens run around the farm, and then in “town” around the acreage. We had a milk cow, even when we moved to the acerage. I honestly can’t remember when all of this went away. I remember as a kid driving out to another farmers house weekly to get milk. I think the chickens stayed longer then the cow.

Now, I live on a parcel of land that will support chickens. I know that Phil was a little (OK a LOT) leery of getting chickens but he understands now how great they are to have around. I would love to have a milk cow, but we just don’t have enough land for that. I want to raise a pig next year. I know Phil is not happy about that …. But he will be happy with the end product. I don’t think that he fully understood what he was getting into moving out here. He is still shell shocked at times. I did and do understand. I am sometimes overwhelmed. It is difficult to do everything I do and still work a full time job. I wish I could take a break from work for 6 months or so to catch up. That is not going to happen!

We have come so far. We are growing so much of our own food … it is amazing. My co-workers are the happy recipients of free fruits and veggies. I will be happy when we get to the point we sell the extras to support the farm. Today I saw things that I make on a regular basis sell for so much more than I would think people would pay …. Things that I give away now. Who would think that 4 ounces (yep I said ounces) of pear butter would sell for $4? I think I need to reconsider what I am doing, and come up with a plan to make some money!!! Our honey crop is coming in soon. I am amazed at the prices people pay for honey. I think I need to be more aggressive.

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