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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation Time

I have taken some days off work.  I normally try to combine holidays with my PTO to take advantage of slow time at work and still get to take some time off.  I have a 5 day weekend thanks to Labor Day on Monday.  Sales are so slow around any holiday, so it is always a good time for me to take off. 
I had pages of chores planned to take advantage of the time off.  If today is any indication of the rest of my time off ...... I am not going to get anything done!  I slept in today, didn't wake up until about 7:30 or so.  It was chilly and windy out .... and rained off and on all day.  We got some inside work done, but not much. 
We did go out for a very nice dinner tonight.  Months ago I won a gift certificate to the Pink Poodle restaurant in Cresent, IA.  We took advantage of it tonight.  It is definitely a nice place, kind of old fashioned but very good food.  One of the wait staff said she has worked there since 1955.  She was wearing a black uniform that looked like something from the 1960's or 70's.  Our waiter was a young very cute woman with a very nice personality.  She served the vegetable beef soup from a crock she carried to the table.  The loaf of bread was still quite hot from the oven.  After that a salad with about 1/2 dozen containers of dressing to choose from (Tim would have loved that he could have a pint of blue cheese dressing at his disposal) and fresh made croutons.  Phil and I chose to share a Prime Rib dinner.  It was HUGE!  I took about 1/6 of the steak and didn't eat all of it.  When we paid the bill and asked for a box our waiter brought us another loaf of bread (on the house) to take home as well as a bag for the bread we had left.  The to go box she brought for the steak had a container of Ah Jus sauce for the steak.  I must say the customer service (something I am VERY aware of) was wonderful. 
The reason we went out this afternoon was to go to one of my co-workers house for a refrigerator.   I told him one day that the garage refrigerator had died and we were looking for another one.  He said he had one he wanted to get rid of, for free!  I didn't even think to ask anything about it just said yes.  Max is a very nice guy.  We have worked together for about 4 years.  I have seen so many pictures and heard so many stories about his 2 year old, it was nice to finally meet him.  Paxton enjoyed playing with me, but he really liked Phil.  When we left, it was Phil he wanted to kiss and hug good bye!  The refrigerator ..... is a small apartment size one.  Perfect for the garage.  Phil is happy with my find.  We dusted it off tonight and will plug it in tomorrow, hopefully it works!  Phil will paint it to "fit in" with his garage probably tomorrow!

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