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Thursday, September 23, 2010

telling on myself

I have so many stories in my head, things I want to share and so little time to actually sit and share them. I love living on Pooh Acres, there are adventures every single day. Last week I was working in the garden at dusk. I had already put the chickens to bed. Phil was in the house; it was just Molly and I outside picking green beans. The “noise” we hear is normally birds, crickets, locusts, the cows across the creek etc. (and the occasional car out on the road). That evening I heard lots of “rustling” sounds. I really could not identify the noise. A few minutes later I heard it again, it sounded like the chickens were running in their coop. I stopped picking and listened … nothing. A few minutes after I started picking again the rustling seemed even louder! I decided I had to check it out. It could be a raccoon, a skunk, a weasel, who knows! I didn’t have a weapon to protect myself so I grabbed the old rusty corn knife the Phil had left hanging on the garden gate and walked toward the coop. I must have been “a sight” sneaking toward the door. I decided I needed to put the door between the enemy and me so I slowly cracked the door, trying not to make a noise. I held the corn knife up in my right hand ready to strike down whatever flew out the door at me. By this time my pulse was racing, and I was sure my heart was beating fast enough to bring Phil out of the house. I continued to slowly open the door but nothing happened. Finally the door was wide open and not a peep. I decided it was time to look in (fearing all of my hens would be dead). I peeked my head in and all of the hens were sitting on their roosts clucking softly to themselves.

I am so glad no one saw me stalking my invisible monster!

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