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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Auction

Farm auctions ROCK! Both Phil and I love to go to auctions and we normally get into trouble by spending way to much money! Today was no exception! We were both excited to go because of some of the things on the block. Phil wanted another shed, and I wanted the electric honey extractor. Phil actually bought 2 sheds for less than he was willing to spend on one! I am so excited because I bought the extractor for less than ½ of what I paid for the old hand crank one we got last year. I will be able to sell the old one, so this will be essentially free!  The one guy who wanted it bragged to me that he was going to get it for $300 and even opened his wallet to show Phil all of the money he had for it.  By the time the bidding for the extractor started he was so out of it he didn't realize the bidding had started, and it was already sold. 

The other day when we were in the basement I told Phil I believe I have enough canning jars, so unless we happen to find some for free I don’t think I should get any more. Today ………. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of jars from ½ pint up to gallon jugs. I tried really hard to keep that vow ……….. but I could not resist when a BARREL full of jars sold (to me)  for $1. They were selling for $2 to $4 a BOX … and some of the boxes had several dozen in then. I actually thought about reselling them and making some money, but knew I could not part with them once they were in my possession so I did not buy them.

I have been looking for a chair or bench to put close to the berry garden but could not afford, or could not haul what I was looking for. Today I bought a chair I can put up there. It is not exactly what I was looking for, but it will do. I wanted a two seater with a swing so both of us could sit on the hill and look out over Pooh Acres. Maybe someday I will find what I am looking for when we have the truck to haul it.

We did really well staying away from the small junkie kind of stuff but I did buy some things that made me go “WHAT”???? later in the day. The guy who was selling out had to have been in his 80’s so he had the depression era in his memory plus he was somewhat of a survivalist, so prepared for the worst. He obviously canned and dehydrated food. He saved his seeds and took really good care of everything. I, being intrigued by people who grow most of their own food wanted to share some of his seeds. I spent $3 and came home with so many seeds many I have no idea of what they are. I wanted them because I want to know what they are. He obviously grew a lot of his own grain, soup beans etc. (This year I grew a few soup beans, kidney, lima and pinto.) I bought jars of watermelon seed, Squash seed, who knows what all. I am excited to go through it all.

Phil bought a new saw. He has been talking about how he wants a larger saw with “wings” to hold the boards. This man took a $200 craftsman saw and build a dust catcher underneath, put wheels and handles on it so he could easily move it. He got it for $45. What a buy! It is SO very heavy!!!!

It was a good day. We had Rudy with us, and all of us were tired. Our feet hurt and we were so ready to come home. Our neighbor was there and we spent time with him as well. I feel so blessed to live here. When we lived in the city I was just another person on the block. Living out here I feel as if I am cared for. Our neighbors care for us, and we care for them. What a wonderful place we are in. I can’t remember ever feeling so content with my life

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