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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March came in like a lamb

It is March already.  The month came in like a lamb, lots of sunshine and warming temperatures.  I wonder if it will go out like a lion!  We have had so much bad weather this year, I wish it would just clear up for a while.  Our driveway is so muddy that I sink when I walk.  The herb garden by the garage is so soft Molly sunk into the mud about 4 inches.  We still have a huge amount of melting to do ... so I don't think it is going to get better for a while.
Yesterday was Moms birthday.  I wasn't sad, but I did think of her quite a bit.  We all miss her so much.  If I could have her back for one day ...... I would have so many questions. 
We did get some happy news today.  Matt and Mike will be here for the weekend.  They are flying in on Thursday and back on Sunday.  They have never been to the midwest, so this will be interesting!  I wish they could stay longer but this is a start. 
This weekend the temperatures are supposed to be almost into the 50's.  I may actually be able to get a look inside my bee hives.  I have no idea if the bees lived through this harsh winter.  Next weekend for my birthday Phil and I are taking a bee keeping class.  I am so excited.  I have gotten by only by the seat of my pants the last 2 summers.  This year I am taking 3 different classes.  Hopefully I will figure out everything I have been doing wrong.  I do want this to work over the long haul!  We both hope we can figure out how to make a living from our soil.  I sure wish we had another 8 or 10 acres, and a tractor that does the work we need it to. 
To Kill and Mockingbird is on television.  I think I will endulge in 2 hours of movie.
Happy March

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