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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  I have come to the age where I don't really like my birthday anymore.  I wish they would just go away.  No matter what I think .... my family has different ideas.  Yesterday was wonderful.  Phil greated me with a card (homemade to my delight).  Inside were tickets to Cirque de Soleil ... holy cow I didn't think I would EVER see this show.  I was AMAZED at how much money he spent on these tickets ..... and that he would actually see a show like this with me. 
Then we left for the days planned activity.  He was going to go to an 8 hour class on beekeeping with me.  He is not as in to beekeeping as I am ... so this was a real gift to me.  It was a wonderful day.  We had a great drive down to the class and saw 5 bald eagles in a tree.  On the way back I saw one more.   I learned so much .... and was thankful he was with me.  What a wonderul gift he gave me ........... the tickets are great ... but better than that was the day he gave with NO COMPLAINTS ..... I appreciate that more than anthing else he could have given.  Matt even called me early in the morning with birthday wishes.  No wonder I was smiling all day. It was a wonderful birthday. 
This is a photo of my 10th birthday.   WOW ..  44 years ago. 

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