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Monday, March 15, 2010

More birthday ..........

Yesterday was my birthday “celebration” with Delana and the kids. I made lunch (Sunday fried chicken, Phil’s favorite) and Delana brought the cake. I must say I got the most wonderful presents I have ever received in my life. Ruby made me a card in the shape of a heart and gave me a one-dollar bill. She also gave me a stuffed sheep to sleep with. Olivia was very original with her gift. She gave me a penny in her card. She filled a box with toys for me. A kazoo in the shape of lips, a doll, a small ball. These were wonderful gifts! The girls used their imaginations and worked to give me something from their hearts. I love love love those gifts.

Delana also thought about her gift. She found a beautiful necklace in the shape of a queen bee. Even the box it came in is beautiful; it was made with mulberry tree paper.

Last night I was able to talk to Emilia, Shelby and Josef in Washington.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend …… from start to finish it was great! Thank you my dear family.

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