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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finding old friends again

Sometimes it is difficult to stay in touch with friends. I often find myself so busy I see no one but Phil (and the people I work with of course). Responsibilities keep us so involved that people we love don’t receive a phone call, don’t get an invitation to dinner, and just don’t get the time they deserve.
My very good friend Cindy and I have “talked” about getting together for ages. Finally last week she said Tuesday at Applebee’s and we both agreed it would work for us. It was so much fun. We met at 4:30 and at 6:30 we realized we had been talking for 2 hours, with so much more to say. The wait staff was beginning to look at us …. Customers were waiting to be seated! Reluctantly at 6:45 we left the restaurant and went home with a promise we would not go so long before we see each other again. Email is a wonderful tool but is nothing compared to sitting face to face with a loved friend and talking. And the hug is even better.

Phil was on his own for dinner last night and he decided to BBQ some chicken. He is a great cook so I don’t worry about him finding something for dinner. My cooking is down home and filling. His is pretty! This morning we were talking about his chicken and he said it didn’t turn out very well. He said he used the really long thermometer out in the mudroom with all the gardening stuff to stick into the chicken. Shocked I asked him WHAT he used???? I didn’t ask him if he washed/sterilized it but I doubt it. He used the COMPOST thermometer. I laughed so hard I could hardly talk.

It rained all day yesterday. This was the good rain, slow and steady. No damaging hail. The garden is coming in so nicely now …. It will probably be crazy in a few days. I can’t believe the amount of watermelon and muskmelons … none are ripe yet. I planted the small watermelon so we hopefully won’t have a lot of wasted fruit. The muskmelons are pretty good size … we are going to have them coming out of our ears!!!!!

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