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Friday, August 6, 2010

If you throw a cat out a car window.............

………….. would it be considered Kitty litter? That was one of the jokes the rodeo clown told tonight, and for some reason it struck me so funny and I could not stop laughing. Mom and Phil talked about the Sidney Iowa rodeo three or four years ago, and he has wanted to go since. I just never remembered to buy the tickets. A few weeks ago I heard an ad on the radio on my way to work, so called from work that day and bought 4 tickets on the front row. We went with our friends Marsha and Randy. I was at this rodeo years and years ago, I don’t know if I was even a teenager yet. I didn’t even recognize the place. Marsha said she went when she was a very small girl too.

We were all looking forward to carnival food. I decided I could have ONE THING and enjoy it like crazy. We walked up and down the midway looking at the food vendors and I honestly didn’t see anything I really wanted. The smells were good, but I kept remembering how hard I would have to work to loose all of those extra calories. Phil is always worried that I am not eating enough (believe me, I am eating more than enough) so I decided on some curly French fries. The woman promised me that they would be crunchy and not greasy. She lied. They were not at all crunchy and they were terribly greasy. I didn’t want to eat it ……. But Phil said he would eat it rather than throw it away. He had the fries and the biggest corn dog I have ever seen. Marsha and Randy had steak sandwiches. I love the greasy smell of carnival food.

The rodeo was fun. I was surprised to see how high tech they have become. There was a really big screen for the instant replay and laser lights to time the barrel racing. The announcer was on horseback with a wireless microphone all night. Even the clown had a wireless microphone.

One thing amazed me this evening. One of the cowboys was 75 years old. He didn’t do the calf rustling, or the bull ride, but he did a very impressive job of roping a cow. He was riding very high in the saddle and moved very quickly.

We had a very nice “date night”. I think we will have another date night next week when we go to the Cass County fair. Delana and Rick are taking the kids for “kid day” we will meet them before the rides are over and hopefully they will stay for the parade. I love going home. It is so much fun to see my old friends … and Mom’s friends. I love the hugs I get from people who have known me all of my life.

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