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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Puppies puppies everywhere

I was at work yesterday when Phil called me and asked me to remind him why we decided to get puppies. I gently reminded him that they were going to protect us and chase away the deer and keep the garden safe. He was obviously frustrated so I asked what they had done (they are after all young puppies full of as my mom would say piss and vinegar). We have been trying to keep them off of the front porch, with absolutely NO luck. He came home from work yesterday to find they had torn apart the 2 chairs that live on the front porch. I thought he MUST be exaggerating. NOPE!! I came home and found that both chairs no longer had a front! The dogs were hiding in the barn, but came out when I got home for a treat. Between the puppies and kittens life is interesting! It is almost like having kids again. We decided to use a door as a gate to keep them off of the front porch for now (a door we are planning to use in the basement someday) ............... we have to build a gate so we don't look like the Beverly Hillbillys. The girls are so cute (puppies and kittens) but I wonder at our decision to bring them into our home ........... to much work!!!!!!

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