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Friday, July 16, 2010

The beat goes on ..... and the beat goes on

Have you ever heard a chicken coo? I forgot over the years what a peaceful sound chickens make. For the most part they walk around scratching and picking at the oats we throw out for them. Phil says they have an egg laying cluck … I am not convinced of that but he has been around them more than I have. Tonight one of them (we don’t have names for them yet) started cackling/clucking like crazy(the laying an egg sound according to Phil) ….. she didn’t lay an egg. They are so peaceful and easy. I want more … at least 10. The plan is to grow the flock in the spring then in the fall winter over only 10 or 12. Next fall our freezer will be full of yummy Sunday dinners. We are enjoying the fresh eggs every day. I am so excited to have fresh eggs because I see how much prettier they are than store eggs. I read about the Omega 3 that they produce and how healthy that is for you.

Last night we had a wonderful “garden” dinner. We had fried potatoes with onion and garlic from the garden (it was SOOOOO good) and broccoli and beets (neither one of us thought we liked them until we tried them again) fresh salad, tomatoes and cucumber slices. We didn’t grow the T-bone steaks, but they were farm raised. It was a wonderful dinner. I am so excited to have more fresh food throughout the summer.

We are trying some new “stuff” this year. I planted lima beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans. I have never grown eggplant until this year. I am still not entirely sure what to do with the eggplant that is ready to pick. Every year I want to try at least one thing I have never tried. Phil is expanding the lower garden for next year …. I am SO excited, I can’t wait!!!!!!!

He said he is going to expand the “original” garden from the fence to the retaining wall. He wants to make that an herb garden. I am currently planting herbs by the garage but they are going crazy and growing over one another. It will be so cool to have a specific area for each herb.

I am so excited to see the changes over the last three years. Phil reminded me this evening when we moved here there were no outbuildings (except the garage and barn). Much of the property was covered in trash. There was just nothing going on. We have worked very hard. Pooh Acres is looking very good. We look more and more like a farm every day.

On a personal note. I am SO excited. At my weigh in this week I have lost 20 pounds. I am working so hard at getting healthy. I am still going to the gym 4 days a week (unless I have to get my oil changed or ????) and weight watchers one day a week. I think I am doing a good job. I am thankful that Shanna is going to WW with me, and giving me encouragement. I know I have done this before, but the high blood pressure diagnosis has given me a reason to want to get healthy. I am thankful to the two older sisters being my cheerleaders. I will get more healthy.

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