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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday .......... another auction

What a killer day this has been! It was an auction day, and we have been looking forward to it for quite some time. We both love auctions but sometimes spend to much money … and but some crazy things. Today was no exception. The first cool thing that happened is that I met some “old home” people. Phil is always talking to people, and met one of the Hammons family from Weeping Water. The guy never did tell me his first name, but he is related to the funeral home Hammonds …. So I am sure I would probably know him from my youth days. The auctioneer is a cousin of the Mason family … Dad and Bill Mason used to be good friends. What a small world it is.

So, we got there around 8:30 this morning (we needed time to check everything out). There was so much STUFF it was amazing. I was excited to find a chicken plucker (got it for $30) and a few canning jars (about 3 doz for $1). Phil found a new lawn mower for $300 … and excited to see them listed on line for well over $1,000. I was heartbroken that I didn’t get the Ford tractor … Phil said the bad tires made it a liability. We also got a chicken feeder for $2 plus a shade screen (that we have been looking everywhere for) for the coop. I think the most amazing price was for a really big trailer (hay rack size) for $4. The silliest was a mobile burn barrel. But the wheels are steel and look really cool. Maybe we can put something else on the wheels.

There was a cute little lawn tractor that didn’t work and sold for $10. The guy who bought it said if we want it, he is probably not going to take it home. Another project for Phil. It was a good day; we met nice people and really enjoyed the time with them. It was so hot that I thought I was going to melt a few times. My skin is getting to dark I don’t think I can burn anymore … but I don’t know after standing outside for 8 hours straight! We went through 6 bottles of tea and water that I brought from home, plus 5 bottles we bought at the auction! I don’t know what the high was today …. But I am sure it was well over 90. I think we are getting tougher!

Tomorrow morning we have to go to Springfield and pick up Hay for the gardens. I am so thankful for all of the free hay we have gotten this year. The gardens are well mulched and happy. We have had to work hard to bring the hay home …. But no complaints it was free. We have a new source of manure …. haven’t had the time/ability to take advantage of it yet but I certainly plan on finding the time. He is close and will even load it for me.

Life on Pooh acres is good. We love it here. What a wonderful gift we have been given, the ability to live out here and enjoy life they way God intended us to life.

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