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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Totally Joann

I am feeling so good about myself. This is the very first time in ........... I don't remember when.

In December I went to see my doctor and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was high enough she was concerned enough she wanted to make sure I got immediate attention. She put me on some medication and I took it as I was supposed to, but I still didn't "get it". I went in for my follow up visit and my blood pressure didn't improve much ... all I was doing was taking the pills (most of the time). She scolded me and sent me home with more medications. I went back a few months later and she laid it on the line for me. She said something like, if you want to stay alive to watch your grandchildren mature, you have to make some changes in your life.

It was a wake up call. I joined a gym and I joined weight watchers. I go to the gym 4 times a week over my lunch and WW on the other day. I have lost 22 1/2 pounds and I have lowered my blood pressure. Yesterday and today it was lower than "normal" 104/53. I am feeling quite good about myself. I am getting so addicted to feeling good that I would like to spend more time at the gym... I honestly don't know how. The only option is to go in the early morning .... I just don't think I can get up any earlier than I already am. Going after work is not an option. I always have a ton of work at home to do in the evenings. I'll have to work on that!!!! My goal is to get my blood pressure under control so that I no longer need to take the medication. Also to loose enough weight that Phil will find me more interesting than the Royals cheerleaders. (Just a joke, but he DID end up following one of the cheerleaders and helping her tote a huge dice) I am finding more energy to climb steps and find myself less out of breath after doing something strenuous.

If I keep this up I will live a very long life.

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