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Friday, July 2, 2010

Three years?

It has been 3 years since we signed on the dotted line ……….. and our lives changed. I sometimes think back to my “before” life when I had time to volunteer and go to theater productions on a regular basis. Mowing the grass took 20 minutes. Tending the garden just a few minutes.

Yes, it was much easier “back then”. Yes, I did have more time for “fun stuff”. Was I more fulfilled? Was I happier? Nope. I know that I am frustrated sometimes …. And I wish that I could do more in less time. How can I fit 48 hours into a 24 hour day? It seems I am always trying to fit more and more into my days. I still have to work at a “real” job to pay the mortgage and bills. And then come home to work at my hearts passion.

When we signed the papers I had so many fears …. How will we ever pay the mortgage (the mortgage is four times the monthly mortgage payment on the Omaha house). What if one of us looses our jobs? How will we EVER keep up with the outside work? Will I keep the life I have lived for so long, volunteering at the theater and opera? What if the Omaha house doesn’t sell? Oh My Goodness ………….so much to worry about.

The Omaha house didn’t sell. We decided to become landlords. Phil found a renter when he was out buying a tractor to scoop the snow …. We interviewed several families and decided on the Wades. They have 4 children, and have become one of the “kids”. I am so thankful we found them. They are not prefect …. But they are good.

What if one of us looses our jobs? Phil was laid off of his job in March. Things were never good with the contract. In February things came to a head and on March 31 he was unemployed. He has been home since and we are doing just fine. He is working his fanny off and wondering how he did everything while he was working!

How will I pay the mortgage? Yes, it is 4 times the mortgage in Omaha ……… we did just fine with the payments and in March last year refinanced to bring the rate down a LOT. Our mortgage broker was amazed at how much we had paid in such a short time. We have managed to pay forward 6 or 7 months “just in case” so we still have a cushion.

How will we keep up with the outside work? We don’t. We try hard but some things just don’t need to be done!

Somehow things work themselves out. I have been blessed with a wonderful job. Amazing as it is I am paid to talk to people and pretend to be a sales professional. (I have a fantastic boss who loves the fresh food we grow.) Our life is totally different from a few years ago. We don’t go to the theater very often. We don’t go to movies very often. Shoot, we don’t even have time to watch TV! Recently we have not come in the house until dark … then it’s time to shower and go to bed.

Moving to the country has been good for us. We raise most of the vegetables and potatoes that we eat. We have learned to can everything from simple vegetables to soups and meats. The meat we eat comes from a farmer, not the grocery store. Our fruit trees and bushes are in and maturing. Phil has been working on a chicken coop … it should be finished soon, and then we will be raising our own poultry. I wanted to raise a pig, but I don’t think that will happen until next year.

Three years ago changed our lives, in a very good way!

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