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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry ..... wait only chicks.

Things are happening now! Phil finished the chicken coop (95%) last weekend. We still need electricity and water but we have a great enclosure and coop (it is built better than a prison! I don’t think anything will get in or out of it). Wednesday I picked up 2 chickens. It was so cool to put them in the pen and watch them scratch and pick and get to know their new home. Thursday Phil’s friend (and the hired hand at Pooh acres) gave us 4 more chickens. I was very surprised when we got home last night at dark and I saw so many chickens in the coop.

Tonight when I got home I went to the coop to check out the “chicks” and I found 3 eggs! One was white, one brown and the last pink. I believe I know what we will have for breakfast tomorrow!!

We went to an auction last night. It started at 5 PM ……. We left around dark. It was fun. I got a pressure canner (the last one I got for $12 and sold for $25) that I plan to put on Craig’s list, and some canning jars. Phil got a couple of toys, some extension cords, and the mother load of wood. We spent $250, but we probably got more than $1000-$1500 worth of wood. We have everything from a simple 6’ 1 X 8 to a 24’ 6 X 6. We started bringing it home today ….. It is amazing how much wood we got. Phil and Rudy (the hired hand) brought home two loads today and I helped with the third when I got home from work. I think there is one more load tomorrow. I wanted to help but they will be getting the wood during Ruby’s game. This is her last game I will be able to see so I will be there. I didn’t realize how much wood there was until we started bringing it home. I have no idea what we are going to do with all of it. I guess there are some projects in the making. One thing I am SURE I will get out of this is my hammock.

Last year I bought a wonderful hammock dreaming of a lazy nap in the shade after working in the gardens. The problem is we don’t have any trees the right distance apart to put the silly thing up. Phil said he would put two 4 X 6’s in, but they really have to go down a ways to make sure it will hold us. (We got some of those in the misc. wood). I can see me napping in the afternoon enjoying the fruits of my labors …… OK, maybe not in the middle of the afternoon. Well me taking a nap is unheard of, but perhaps I will try to change that.

The garden is beginning to “come in”. I was so late in getting things planted … we had so much rain this spring. I am sad the peas are already gone. We have had a ton of “greens”. Beans are getting close and corn will be soon. I am excited for tomatoes and peppers! Potatoes look like they will be bountiful this year. We planted the “leftovers” from last year plus our neighbor brought some seed potatoes over that she didn’t have room for. I planted sweet potatoes this year. I am excited to see what kind of yield they will bring. The watermelon plants have softball size melons on them. The kidney beans are big, and the squash seems to be growing like crazy. Yummm, what a fest we have waiting for us. We are so blessed to have this property and the opportunity to take advantage of the blessings.

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