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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Buy the kids toys and what do they do????

I have been collecting boxes to lay on the ground and create a new area for planting on the north east side of the property. I want to make this useless area into something that will make some $$ as time goes on. The premise is that you lay cardboard on the ground then cover it with organic material. This will drown out the grass that is growing there, and the rotting of the organic matter will bring more worms to the area and areate it, thus creating an organic, rich fertile area to plant .......... maybe broom corn!!! I have been collecting boxes to lay out, and that was one of the chores on the agenda for yesterday. Given 1/2 a change, any kid is going to find a way to get out of chores and have some fun. This is what the kids did with my boxes.

It's a Caelum in the box..............Ruby looks satisfied with her roll

Olivia decided not to mess with the boxes and just rolled down the hill.

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