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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our First Threshing

Last winter I read an article in "Mother Earth News" about making my own broom. This sounded so cool to me so I looked for broom corn seeds this spring when ordering my vegetable seeds. This is a cool plant, not actually corn, even though it looks like corn. It is in the sorghum family. This plant grows about 12' high, and does not get any ears like corn does. The part you use is at the top, the "tassel". I learned that you need to thresh it to get the seeds out of the tassel. This is where I thought the kids would have fun. We actually cut the brooms down almost a month ago and hung them in the shed to dry. It is pretty amazing how quickly rodents find seeds .... they chewed through the string and had the brooms on the floor of the shed within a couple of weeks.
The kids came out yesterday and I put them to work threshing ...... Caelum thought this was pretty cool because he got to hit it as hard as he wanted, and would not get into trouble.

Ruby and Olivia thought the sheaf's looked like flower bouquets!!!

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