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Saturday, October 10, 2009

More about preparations

Last weekend the kids helped me put down some cardboard to start reclaiming a new area to plant next spring. Unfortunantly they got preoccupied with rolling down the hill in boxes, and we never got back to our project. We had some pretty high winds this week, and the cardboard with nothing to hold it down went everywhere. Last night after finishing what I needed to get done I went back up to pick up the cardboard and try to finish the job. Molly and Maggie usually follow me wherever I go. They discovered that the cardboard was like a slipper slide for them. They would bound up the small incline then race back down it. Not only did it sound cool to hear their little puppy feet, they would fall all the way down. It never occured to me to think that puppies would think of or enjoy something like this. They made the cardboard move ... it was next to impossible to keep it in place. My next step was to cover to cardboard with organic material, in this case hay. Maggie especially loved this step. She would run under the area I was throwing it so she would get covered in hay. I had brought up a pair of scissors to cut the twine on the hay bails. I set them down for a few minutes (on the bail of hay) and they were gone. These two are theives! They are like pack rats, you can't leave anything in their reach or it will be gone. I was finally able to get the

hay down but I am sure when I go back up there, I will find that the girls have it arranged
the way they want it to look. Maggie is the yellow lab, and Molly is the black. They are both sweet girls, but need so much attention.

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