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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gut Fear

I learned this morning that the company I work for is on the auction block. In the world we live in, none of us is safe from corporate takeovers, sales, mergers etc. I hear about it daily from my customers. I listen to their stories with genuine sorrow and heartfelt sympathy. I have been spoiled ........ I am being paid to talk on the phone and meet new people. I talk with people from Paris France to Paris TX on a daily basis. I chat with presidents of fortune 500 companies and the people behind the scenes of large and very small companies. I am a salesperson. Doing my job means that I get inside the heads of my customers and find out what their needs are, and try to meet that need. I don't know that I could go to another company and get the hourly wage I am making now, plus the kick butt commission I get on good months. I am a college dropout .... without the degree there are few companies that will even look at me. I have talked with so many people in the same position I am in now, but this is the first time I have been here. In my entire life I have only been let go from one job ........... and I was going to quit anyway because I was pregnant with Delana. These are scary times we live in. There is a good chance that nothing will change, but I AM my fathers daughter. If there is a cause for worry I will find it. I am trying hard to remember that my fate is in God's hands and he will provide for me.

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