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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marci's crew

I haven't talked much about Marci's family, only because they are not close by and I don't have daily intereaction with them. The above are photos taken this summer when they came to visit. The "jug" Shelby is holding on for dear life is a plastic bottle filled with goldfish (or at least is started out being filled with goldfish). These kids went crazy for goldfish!
Emilia was not able to start kintergarden until she was almost 6 (Georgia laws). She had already completed 2 years of preschool so she was MORE than ready to start. While she was in kintergarden she taught herself to read and had managed to learn how to do some simple multiplication and division. In September she started first grade in her new school. She was so far advanced that she went to first grade for 2 weeks and skipped over to second grade. Apparenlty she is much happier being in with older kids.
The Jefferson family seems to be settling in on the West coast and enjoying their new setting. I can't wait to go visit ......... but there always seems to be so many things undone here!

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