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Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday I tagged along with Delana and the kids to a pumpkin patch. It was quite cold, and Ruby wasn't feeling great ... but still we had a good time. This is the nicest little place. It is run by a family, and only a few miles from our place. It was much less expensive and much less crowded then the advertised places! The first thing the kids did was to smash some apples. It was advertised as a pumpkin smash, but it was apple day, so they got to make applesauce. Caelum loved it, the girls were not quite as impressed.
They got to pet some miniature donkeys, visit a spook house (it really WAS frightening) jump in hay (Caelum found out how much that makes you itch!!) put on a puppet show, visit an abandoned mine and after all that pick some apples. The best part (in my opinion) was the carmal apple. Every time I get a carmal apple it is so messy. These people had a GREAT idea. They cut up the apple and pour hot carmal over the top. You are able to share one apple with several people and you don't have the carmal all over you! YUMMMM. I have been wanting carmal apple all week because of that.

OH MAN, What has Olivia done now???

Ruby and Olivia are putting on a puppet show

Poor Ruby wasn't feeling well

NaNa, was this like YOUR first car?

Olivia always loves to play wtih rocks!

You can't see it very well, but we are sitting on the lap of a MONSTER

They just can't stay out or trouble!!

Apple sauce ..... the fun way!!!

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