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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rambling at 4:30 AM

I enjoy blogging. It feels like I am sitting and chatting with my sisters. I can't tell you how much I miss my sisters. I was out spraying thistles a few weeks ago (something we had fun doing together 2 years ago) and the need to see/talk to Betty was overwhelming. Unfortunately with the time difference its been almost impossible to connect up. Marge is a little easier, but not much. So .......... this is my way of sitting down over a cup of hot tea and talking with both of them!
We are trying to get ready for winter. It seems to be moving in very early this year. Wednesday I took the afternoon off because it was 70 degrees out. Phil got home from work just after I got here. He didn't get his normal afternoon nap!! We were able to get both gardens cleared out. I had pulled most of the plants the weekend before, but we had to clear them out and put them on a burn pile. I was hoping to get the heavy mulch layer down to protect the soil but we did something even better. Phil started building raised beds for the garden last spring (2008). We didn't get very far, just one layer. This spring we took up some of the beds and combined them so we now have 4 very nice raised beds with 4 levels. I can't believe how much easier it is to plant, weed and especially harvest! We didn't get to the strawberry bed or the garlic and rhubarb bed. Wednesday we worked on them. I must say my garden is looking better every year! I am so pleased with the raised beds. The strawberry bed is very cool. It is long and narrow. It goes down the entire width of the garden about 3'. The kids and I planted it this spring. Unfortunately like everything we got from Burpees this year the quality was poor (and they didn't even send the kind I ordered!) so we got about 20 berries. The good news is the plants are thriving and I think next year we will have some good berries!
Yesterday was Phil's day off. He has been working 6 days a week for quite a while, so it was strange to have him home on Friday when I woke up. He called me at the office looking for his overalls .......... he said the only pair he could find had shrunk up terribly .......... Olivia's overalls were on the wooden trying rack in my office LOL!! He was a busy bee working on getting things ready for winter. He got stuff put away, moved around etc. It is amazing how much we need to be prepared for so the harsh winter winds do the least damage. When I got home I changed clothes and pitched in. We transferred all the bee boxes and "stuff" into a shed so there is more room in the barn for other "stuff". I was moving a big planting pot (I didn't even remember I had) in the barn and I felt something scuttle up my arm, then it bit me. Being the big brave farm girl that I am, I screeched and dropped the clay pot I was moving then tore off my shirt. It was a good thing we were in the barn, our neighbor was just a few feet away picking apples from our tree! I didn't' find what bit me, and the clay pot was destroyed! Phil did see a puncture wound. I put my shirt back on and went about my chores. When we came in (dark) we looked at it again and I decided to look on the Internet for spider bites. BIG MISTAKE. Did you know that all spiders are poisonous? Most of them are so small their venom sack is to small to do much/any damage. I looked at photos of spider bites then freaked out because what if it was .... (fill in the blank). I took some benadryl in case I had a allergic reaction (It had already been over an hour, I think if I was going to have one I probably would have already started). The bite mark had swollen up, it was red and feverish. I was concerned so decided to stay away just to make sure it didn't get worse. Have you ever tried to stay awake after taking Benadryl? I finally decided it had been over 3 hours, nothing bad was happening so I went on to bed. This morning I work up ... I can still see where it happened but it is not longer dark red and feverish. I think I am going to be OK!

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