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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blizzard

Winter is here with a vengeance. The forcasters predicted this was going to be a terrible storm, and it is proving to be true. Wednesday it rained, Thursday it rained and rained and froze. Thursday afternoon it changed from freezing rain to snow. Our driveway was covered with about ½ inch of ice …….. then snow! Phil went out last night to plow before bed, but it was snowing and blowing so hard it didn’t really help. This morning we got up and the driveway is totally drifted in with snow. The back porch had about 2’ of snow in front of the door. In back of the house is a drift about 5 - 6 feet deep and to get to the barn the smallest drift is about 3’ deep. The plow is not strong enough to move the snow. Even with the extra weight, it gets stuck. Phil was not able to feel his hands or feet by the time he came in to get warm. I am thankful I have a lot of PTO at my job …… and the last 2 storms have hit close to the weekends.

Today is Christmas. Tomorrow we hope to find someone who can dig us out again. I sure hope this doesn’t happed every 2 weeks all winter long!!

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