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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ramblings of a grandma .......

Brandon dropped the kids off Saturday evening; they had been at his place since the previous evening. Caelum said a quick hello and went outside to play in the snow. The girls came in to see Grandpa (nope, not me, he is the favorite)

Unfortunately Phil had to go to bed early because it was a work night. We had dinner together then off to bed. The kids always expect to do something special when they are here, so I decided to make some cookies. I had a pouch of cookies in the cabinet …. I picked them up on a clearance aisle … I don’t buy things like that. The girls mixed it up and baked the cookies. They were eating them and GRANDPA woke up to use the bathroom. Normally he doesn’t even talk to me, just goes back to bed. The smell of fresh baked sugar cookies woke him up instantly. He and Olivia had a tickle fest then they ate cookies. Those girls do love their grandpa!!!

As we grow older we learn different things. One of the things I have learned is that I need to check my blood pressure on a regular basis. Saturday I got the blood pressure cuff out and pumped it up. Both Ruby and Olivia had stories to tell me. Kids should NEVER put their arms in those things because if they do they will get squeezed off. Those things are for testing your blood, but only if you are a grownup. I finished taking my blood pressure and was folding it up to put it away. Ruby said ……….. So do you have enough? I was taken aback …. What do you mean? She said “you measured your blood, do you have enough?”

Sunday morning we all went outside to play. The snow was still deep. Caelum had been working on building a fort. I was amazed at how deep and heavy the snow was. I pulled Olivia around on the sled for a while, but it was to heavy for me to do that for to long. We were all happy to get back inside.

We spent the afternoon working on presents for “mom”. What fun we had. The kids love their mom so much; they just want to make her happy. We are so slow (one grownup for 3 kids …it takes a while) but we did a great job. We didn’t have time for the kids to take their presents home ….. We will have to wrap them on Christmas day when we go over. I can’t mention what we did, just in case mom reads this. I will say that my carpet may never recover!!!!! We really need to start earlier next year. I was leery of starting early because the girls can’t keep a secret. Maybe they can next year!!!!

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