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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MORE winter weather

More snow is on the way! Good grief winter started only on Monday. This will be our second major storm in as many weeks. Last time the airlines put Phil in a hotel for 2 days so he was able to get back and forth to work. They offered to put him up again, so he would be there over Christmas. He said no. He is probably not going to be able to get to work tomorrow and Friday. I don’t think I am going to be able to get to work tomorrow. Right now we are simply getting rain. The temperature is holding steady at 33 degrees, as it has been all morning. If the temperature drops only one degree, the roads will be a nightmare!!! Tonight the temps are supposed to drop to the teens and the freezing rain will turn to snow. We are supposed to get about a foot of snow, and then the conditions will become blizzard like. The winds are going to gust up to 40 MPH. Our roads will be a mess. Phil said he would plow every hour if he has to, to make sure we are able to get out of the driveway this time! We need to get a tractor with more power. We need a blade that will move more snow than we are able to now. Every year we seem to be a little better prepared. I wonder how long it will take to be REALLY prepared. I worry so about losing power. How will we heat the house if we loose power? How will we flush the toilet? How will we cook? We need to get a windmill and/or solar power to take care of those problems. At the very least we need a wood stove to stay warm.

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