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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Relationship thoughts and Winter Solstice

I was listening to Dr Laura on the radio last week. I don’t get to listen to AM radio much anymore. She was talking with a couple having marital problems. Her solution was brilliant and I think it is something that all married couples should do. She said for the next month she wanted them each to think only about the other persons happiness. They had to work at making their partner happy every minute they are awake. The outcome of doing that …… they will start to think about each other in a more positive manner and because they are working so hard to make the other person happy they will be happy in the end as well. OK, so I am thinking if all married people (LISTEN JOANN) would work hard at making their partners happy, there would never be a reason to divorce or cheat, or even yell at one another.

For the most part Phil works very hard at making me happy. I have a difficult time accepting the kindness. I had never been subjected to that kind of treatment. I think I tend to be moody at times. It is something I am working at; I hope it won’t take forever. I know I am much happier in the summertime. The lack of daylight affects my moods in a big way. I always dread this time of year because of that very thing. Phil’s friend sent an email the other day that made me smile. She said be happy because it was the winter solstice and starting today we start gaining a few minutes of daylight each day. YEA, in no time the sun will be warmer, the snow and ice will be gone. I will be able to think about planting again, and see God’s miracles growing around our home. Spring is just around the corner!!!!!

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