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Monday, December 21, 2009

More farm tails

Phil called me at work today, obviously excited.  He had been out plowing snow and said he saw a coyete run out from under the front porch.  The animal loped down the driveway and away from the house.  He thought the animal might have denned down under there.  I (being all wise about such things) told him that was impossible because the cats would be dead if he had been living there.  Then I asked him if the cats were still around ... they were sitting on the front porch.    I went out to the porch after I got home to see if I could tell if the animal had been living under there ......... all I know is that it smells bad!  Phil was concerned that the coyote may have killed an animal and took it under the porch to eat it.  The dogs were under there (after it left of course) and came out licking their lips. 
It is not a few days later, and the cats are still here ........... and I don't think Phil has seen it again.  I know I would be frightened if I was leaving for work in the dark one morning and came face to face with it.   I hope it goes back to the woods where it came from ..........

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