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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thought on decorating

Phil came home from work Sunday with a Christmas tree. It is a cute little tree about 4’ tall. It is full and fluffy. Caelum and Phil cut the bottom limbs off and put it into the holder. Olivia helped him sting the lights. The girls and Phil decorated it all by themselves. It is a very pretty tree, full and decorated so nicely. We have so many decorations packed away downstairs …. We haven’t even looked at them since we moved out here. I wonder if I should spend some time going through all of the totes and giving some of the things to the girls ……. Some things probably need to be thrown away. Others need to be saved maybe the grandkids will want them when they get older. I have homemade decorations from all the kids, some have lost their tags so I can only wonder which kid made it. A few are from my childhood. It is pretty amazing how many memories can be packed away in totes.

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