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Friday, December 11, 2009

My hero, my husband

My car is 7 years old.  In all that time I have never had a flat tire, until tonight.  I was coming home from work and got to my exit on the interstate.  I heard a loud noise but it nothing seemed wrong so I drove on.  I had driven only a short way when I realized it was MY car making that noise.  It sounded to me like the ice/snow/sludge had built up behind the tires and was rubbing.  I looked for a place to pull off and could not really find a safe place for quite some distance.  The snow plows had done a good job clearing the roads, but not the shoulders.  When I was able to stop I got out and realized I had a flat.  DRAT!! 
I called Phil he said he would come get me as soon as he could get there.  In the meantime I called my road service company to have them come change the flat.  I was on hold the entire time it took Phil to get to me.  The woman on the other end asked if something was going on in the area, because she could not find anyone to come help me.  In the meantime Phil hooked up this handy dandy air compressor thing we bought last March and in 15 minutes or so the tire had air in it again (while still on hold).  He said let's make a run for it.  He jumped in my car and I took his.  He said we'd probably have to stop and air it up again, but we made it home and the tire still had air. Just about that time the service company called me back and said sit tight it would be at least 2 hours before someone could rescue me.  Thankfully we are home and warm.  When we were standing in the garage looking at the tire, Phil said he was thankful it didn't blow as I was driving 70 miles an hour down the interstate.  Tomorrow I guess we look at a new tire.

Note:  We went to get the tire fixed this morning, and found a razer blade in the tire.  Phil said someone would have had to somehow force it to stand upright to get into the tire that way.  Must have happened when I went to Walmart at lunch time. 

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