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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Delana

Delana about 2 or 3 years old at Grandpa and Grandma's house.  Below she fell asleep while I was vacuuming.  Do you think she can still fold in half like this?

My baby is 29 years old today. Where did the years go? Wasn't it just yesterday she fell asleep with her Raggy Ann doll? Didn't she just learn to walk? Potty training ........ that is still a painful memory.

I feel bad for Delana. She is home with Strep Throat on her birthday. She has 3 kids who have been housebound since Monday, probably driving her crazy.

Sunday we celebrated her birthday. Each of the children wove her a hotpad (like we used to do as kids) and they made her some soap. I think she had a good birthday. Check out her cake! (Man was it rubbery!!!) The kids had a great time helping me decorate it. I am trying to help them do more crafty things for holidays. We made some liquid soap. Caelum was stirring and stirring, it smelled wonderful! I stepped backward, tripped over Molly who was laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. My arms flung out to steady myself and soap was EVERYWHERE!. She didn't get much of the soap!

Olivia made her Mom a card

Caelum wanted to eat the frosting
Ruby made a hotpad

Poor cake ........... just kept shrinking away

Happy birthday my sweet daughter.  I hope this next year is wonderful for you .  Enjoy your family, your new partner and your job.  You have what you have always wanted.  This will be a wonderful year!

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